Jena Eases Restrictions and Introduces Mandatory Masks

According to a new general decree of 31 March 2020, from Thursday, 2 April, none of the German federal states are considered to be coronavirus risk areas for the city of Jena. All states outside of Germany are still considered risk areas.

In addition, fabric shops, alteration tailors as well as bicycle parts and florist shops will be allowed to open again from Thursday, 2 April.

Mandatory masks will be introduced gradually

From Thursday, 2 April, a protective mask covering the mouth and nose must be worn in the city area when services are used or provided where a minimum distance of 1.50 metres cannot be maintained.

This requirement will be extended as follows in the coming weeks: From Monday, 6 April, the mouth and nose protection must also be worn when using public transport (including taxis) and when entering shops and offices of craftspeople or service providers. This also applies to places where food and drinks are handed out or delivered.

From Friday, 10 April, a mouth and nose protection must also be worn in closed rooms if at least one other person is present, especially at work places. This does not apply in private living quarters and in rooms that are at least 20 square metres in size per person and where a distance of at least 1.50 metres is ensured. In public areas the mouth and nose protection must be worn as well wherever a distance of 1.50 metres is not ensured. Outdoor activities such as walking or exercise are excluded from this requirement.

Excluded from the obligation to wear masks are educators and children in emergency day care as well as all children under six years of age.

Make or improvise your own mouth and nose protection

The city calls on its citizens to make appropriate protective masks for themselves and others, or to use scarves, shawls or other types of cloth for the time being. It is important that these are densely woven cotton fabrics that are washable at 90 degrees. The introduction of mandatory masks in Jena is explained by the Lord Mayor Thomas Nitzsche in a video message (German only).

General decree of the city of Jena from 31 March 2020 (German only)

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