Psychological Support for Relatives of People With Dementia

Due to the corona crisis, the Outpatient Clinic for Research and Teaching of the University of Jena offers a psychotherapeutic consultation hour for relatives of people with dementia in Thuringia.

As a result of contact barriers and other restrictions, both the carers and those affected by dementia suffer, because day care facilities are partially closed and nursing home spots are usually no longer available. The effects range from changing times of nursing and care services to unavailabla services. For relatives, this can increase worries and hardships – in addition to the often already difficult care situation. Stress reactions, sleeping disorders, hopelessness and also depressive moods or anxiety can develop.

Psychotherapy by telephone

The therapeutic team of the outpatient clinic has been dedicated for years to providing psychological support to relatives of people with dementia and psychotherapy for the elderly. Within the framework of research therapies, the team has a lot of experience in telephone psychotherapy.

Relatives of people with dementia can therefore receive support by telephone or video call. In cases of high stress, psychotherapeutic offers such as crisis talks or short-term therapy can be made by telephone. The costs of telephone or video therapy, if indicated, are covered by the statutory health insurance companies.

Contact person:

If required, you can contact Doreen Rother every monday from 1 to 2 pm under 0049 3641-9 45954


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