Working from Home With the VPN Client

Many public institutions are closed due to the corona crisis. The University of Jena is in emergency operation until at least Sunday, April 19, which means that many employees work from home. Likewise, the Thuringian University and State Library (ThULB) is closed, which poses a particular challenge to students who are currently writing their final or term papers.

n order to work or study from home, it is often necessary to access data and services that are usually only available within the university network. With the help of a Virtual Private Network (VPN), however, it is possible for all members of the university to use these services outside the university. This also applies to a large part of the licensed databases, electronic journals, e-books and other electronic products of the ThULB.

Prerequisite is the installation of a VPN client, with which you can dial into the university network using yourURZ login. How to set up the VPN connection is explained in this video tutorial (German only):

Further information on VPN access is available on the website of the University Computer Centre (German only). After logging in with the URZ identifier, the VPN client itself as well as installation instructions for various operating systems can be downloaded there as well.

On the homepage of the ThULB there is an overview of all online services that can also be used from home during the closure.

Further information on working from home for university employees can be found on the university's FAQ page.