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Letter from the President: Help Us Help Others

Dear members of the university community,

The ongoing corona crisis has been posing great financial challenges to many of our students for weeks now. I am grateful that so many of you have already responded to the call of our “Society of Friends and Patrons” to make a donation to the Corona Emergency Fund for Students or have provided us with used laptops. So far 144,000 euros have been raised from over 900 donors. Thanks to your commitment, we have already been able to help 315 students from 47 nations quickly and unbureaucratically. We have also received numerous laptop donations. On the Emergency Fund’s homepage you will find a selection of the many “Thank You”-letters we received. This thanks goes to you!

Donations still urgently needed

The donations are almost completely paid out to the students, but we are still receiving calls for help. The longer it takes to find jobs, savings are used up and parents are on short-time work, the more precarious the situation becomes for students. The federal aid campaign has not yet started and even though the first easing of the Covid-19 restrictions has taken place, not all students will be able to earn money during this semester. The shortened online semester brings a number of additional challenges: for example, if papers could not be written because the ThULB was closed and, thus, have to be submitted in the current semester. Or if there is no or only an insufficient laptop available for online learning.

How can you help?

We want to continue to support our students and ask you again for your help. Those who have not yet had the opportunity to donate or can donate again: your help is still urgently needed.

Through the Corona Emergency Fund of the Friends and Patrons of the University of Jena: Sponsor a student with 450 EUR or contribute to the fund with any other amount. Every amount helps.

Bank transfer to the following account:
Friends and Patrons of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Commerzbank Jena
IBAN: DE78820400000253960900
Intended use: Coronanothilfe

Via Paypal: paypal.me/unijenacoronahilfe

Through a laptop donation: This semester will remain an online semester. If you have working notebooks, Android tablets or iPads that you would like to pass on to students, please contact: laptopspende@uni-jena.de.

Thank you for your commitment and dedication!

Kind regards and stay healthy!

Sincerely yours,

Walter Rosenthal
President of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Head of Emergency Responce Committee