Virtual starting signal for Student Health Management

The Student Health Management at the University of Jena started its work with a kick-off workshop on June 9th. The aim of the five-year project is to establish a network for health promotion, to relieve the students in their university environment and to strengthen their health. Members of the University of Jena, the Studierendenwerk and other project partners took part in the workshop. The focus of the event was to bring together different perspectives on the topic of student health. In addition, the participants exchanged views on project structures and processes and discussed workflows.

Getting to know with a "kick-off bag"

The digital workshop began with an introduction of the project team, which includes Dr. Andrea Altmann (project manager), Jana Kampe (project manager) and Julia Storch (project employee). The team is also supported by Dr. Gudrun Gericke from the Central Project Management of the City of Jena and Heiko Müller from AOK PLUS. In the run-up to the event, all participants received a "kick-off bag", the contents of which were used throughout the event. For example, getting to know the participants was structured on the basis of questions that had previously been sent out in the form of analogue moderation cards.

The project staff Julia Storch (left) and Jana Kampe distribute "kick-off bags" for the participants of the workshop. (Photo: Jana Kampe/FSU)

Group work on various health topics

Afterwards, Dr. Max Sprenger from the TU Kaiserslautern presented the student health management of his university in a keynote speech and enriched the workshop with ideas and examples from practice. Even before the lunch break, the participants came together for group work on virtual topic islands. A wide range of content on the topics of healthy exercise, healthy nutrition, psychosocial health and communication & participation was compiled. The first tasks could already be derived from the collected knowledge and assigned to the participants. Between the individual programme items, the digital active breaks of the DAB project focused on the participants' own health and ensured that the breaks were actively organised.

Further information about the project can be found on the website of the Student Health Management. The results of the workshop will also be published there shortly.