Important Information on Corona Disadvantage Compensation

On 24 June, the “Mantelgesetz” of the state parliament was published, which lays the legal basis for the so-called Corona disadvantage compensation for students. In anticipation of this law, the Senate of the Friedrich Schiller University decided on 2 June to adopt comprehensive regulations with the aim of avoiding any disadvantages that students might suffer from Corona in terms of examination law.

For students this means in concrete terms:

  • Teachers will inform the students of any changes in examination forms or digital examination formats at least 14 days in advance.
  • The registration for a module examination or a partial examination can be cancelled up to one week before the examination date, provided that no partial examination has yet been taken. Provided that an examination date has been deposited in Friedolin, you can cancel directly via Friedolin. Otherwise, you can cancel the registration via the Examinations Office without giving any reasons.
  • For an examination taken in the summer semester that was not passed, an additional attempt will be granted for each subject. The additional examination attempt must be applied for at the Prüfungsamt within one month after notification of the failed examination.
  • Deadlines for module examinations and final theses are automatically extended by one semester. A further extension is possible upon application to the Prüfungsamt.
  • Deadlines for final papers, term papers and seminar papers as well as other written work subject to a deadline can also be extended by the examiner if compensation is required for pandemic-related impairments. The duration of the additional extension should not exceed the duration of the impairment.
  • Module dependencies can be lifted by the responsible department if courses and examinations could not be held as planned due to the pandemic and thus a successful completion of the programme is significantly endangered.
  • Insofar as a certain number of credit points has been set for registration for the final thesis, registration can be made if this number is undercut by up to 15 credit points.
  • If a minimum number of credit points to be proven is stipulated for admission to a Master's programme, admission can be granted if the number of credit points falls short of this number by up to 15 credit points.
  • If the course of study cannot be completed properly despite the above-mentioned regulations of the Corona Rahmensatzung, it is possible that the semester will not be counted to the Regelstudienzeit as a special period of study (legal term: besondere Studienzeit). The application must be confirmed by the responsible Prüfungsamt.

The complete framework statutes of the Senate for regulating the effects of the corona pandemic can be viewed here (German only).

For further questions students should contact the responsible Prüfungsamt. Suggestions and feedback can be mailed to

Further regulations concerning BAföG and the suspension of long-term study fees have already been made at federal and state level.

Regulations for state examinations

The state examinations (Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Teaching) are not the responsibility of the university. In this respect, the Corona framework statutes can only be interpreted here to a limited extent and are subject to the concession of the state. Compensation for disadvantages in relation to the state examinations must therefore be communicated via the state examination offices.

A note on the Corona FAQs

The Corona FAQs on the university's homepage will soon be converted to information about the current semester. Since the general conditions for the lecture-free period and the winter semester can change at short notice at any time, students should check there regularly for news.

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