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Five Useful Tools of the University for Digital Work

This summer semester's lecture period was almost exclusively digital: seminars were held via video chat, lectures were streamed or listened to as podcasts. For this purpose, the university had increased computing capacities, purchased licenses or expanded existing functions. In addition to Webmail (German only), VPN and video chat programs, the computer centre also offers a lot of practical functions and services that make learning and working easier.

1. Uploading and sharing files

If you want to share large files with others, you do not necessarily have to use WeTransfer or Dropbox. Using instead, files can be easily uploaded to a server of the University of Jena and shared via link. How long the file should be available can also be defined - 48 hours, one week, one month or three months.

2. Your personal cloud storage

At the university offers its members 10 gigabytes of free online storage space. This is more than enough to securely store homework, theses, protocols or other files. With the NextCloud program, individual folders on your computer can also be easily synchronized with the cloud.

3. Joint collaboration on documents

There is much more to the university cloud storage than just a file store. For example, Office documents stored there can be edited directly in the browser. To do this, just click the file. Using the "Share" button, documents can also be shared with others to work together on homework or other projects, so all participants are always up to date. And there is no need to send files with changes and corrections by e-mail.

With one click on an Office document in the university cloud, it can be edited directly online. If desired, it can also be edited by several people.

4. Secure video conferences and chats via the university cloud

For the highly online-based summer semester 2020, the functions of the university cloud have been expanded even further: there, the "NextCloud Talk" function now also allows chatting and secure video conferences to be held. However, this service is only recommended for smaller groups with less than ten people. Important: The VPN connection should not be used here in order to avoid unnecessary load on the university servers. For larger meetings or presentations the service is therefore only suitable to a limited extent. The advantage is that nothing has to be installed and the service can be used immediately without additional registration.

Detailed instructions on how to create a meeting via the Uni-Cloud and how to invite others to it are available here (German only).

5. Working together with Microsoft Teams

The University of Jena also provides the program Microsoft Teams for the fast exchange, coordination and editing of documents. Here you can create your own teams for different projects or groups - you can also join existing teams. The best thing about it: With the app, the service can also be used on a smartphone or tablet. How to register for it is described here (German only).

With Microsoft Teams, members of the University of Jena can work on projects together with others, coordinate and discuss, all from their computer, smartphone and tablet.

Of course, this list is not complete. Do you know of any other features you like to use? Or do you have feedback on individual services? Then write to or just use the comment function here!