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The Current Corona Regulations at the Beginning of Lectures

Lectures are starting while at the same time stricter regulations apply in order to contain the coronavirus pandemic. Here is an overview of what currently needs to be followed while studying at the Friedrich Schiller University:

Digital teaching preferred

Wherever it makes sense and is possible, courses take place preferably in digital form. The intention is that as few people as practicable are present in the same room at the same time. Since attendance is particularly important for first-semester students, a large proportion of first-semester courses takes place on-site and always in compliance with hygiene regulations.

Mund-Nasen-Bedeckung in Gebäuden und im Freien

In Jena gilt die Pflicht zum Tragen einer Mund-Nasen-Bedeckung im Freien, wenn der Mindestabstand von 1,5 Metern zu anderen Personen nicht eingehalten werden kann. Darüber hinaus ist eine Mund-Nasen-Bedeckung in allen Gebäuden und auf dem Gelände der Universität zu tragen. Das gilt auch in Hörsälen, Seminarräumen, PC-Pools und während Prüfungen.

Exceptions apply to employees at their workplace if the minimum distance of 1.5 metres can be maintained and the hygiene and infection-prevention concept of the Friedrich Schiller University (framework hygiene plan) is applied.

Restricted contacts

In public, only contact with members of one's own household and one other household is permitted, with a maximum group size of 10 people. This means, for example, that in everyday academic life, a maximum of two people are allowed to get together between lectures, unless roommates are involved.

QR codes for attendance courses

Anyone taking part in a presence event must identify themselves for the respective room by smartphone via the digital contact registration system using a QR code (QRoniton). Anyone who does not own a smartphone can instead print out a personal QR code, which another person scans with their smartphone together with the code for the respective room.

Alcohol consumption at the university is prohibited

It is not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages on the university ground as well as inside the university buildings. This also applies to the Ernst-Abbe-Platz campus.

In case of contact with persons who have been tested positive or travelling from coronavirus risk areas abroad

Anyone who has had contact with a person who has been tested positive for the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 must not enter the university. Also those who travel from a risk area abroad according to the classification of the Robert Koch Institute are not allowed to enter the university.

Further information

Permanently updated information on the winter semester can be found on the information page, which also contains the Corona FAQ.

Questions or comments are welcome - either by e-mail to or here in the comments.

Note (Stand: 4. November): In einer früheren Version hieß es, dass die Mund-Nasen-Bedeckung in Räumen abgenommen werden dürfe, wenn alle Anwesenden damit einverstanden sind und der Raum regelmäßig gelüftet wird. Auf Wunsch des Senats wurde diese Ausnahmeregelung abgeschafft. Es gilt also: Das Tragen der Mund-Nasen-Bedeckung ist auch während Veranstaltungen in Hörsälen, Seminarräumen, PC-Pools usw. verpflichtend.