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Corona Disadvantage Compensation for Students

The Executive Board and Senate of the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena have set themselves the goal of compensating for all disadvantages that students suffer as a result of Corona. To this end, various regulations have been made and recommendations for action communicated to lecturers and examination offices, which students can refer to. Comprehensive regulations on compensation for disadvantages were already decided in the summer semester, which are still valid and have been supplemented.

The most important thing first: According to the Corona Framework Statutes of the Friedrich Schiller University of 25 June 2020, existing rules in study and examination regulations will be interpreted accommodatingly by the examination offices, module supervisors, lecturers and examiners in the event of pandemic-related restrictions with regard to the provision of study and examination credits. If it can be proven that the study programme cannot be completed properly due to the pandemic despite goodwill arrangements and special regulations under examination law (Corona Framework Statutes, German only), the semester will not be counted towards the standard period of study (Regelstudienzeit) as a special period of study (legal term: besondere Studienzeit) upon application to the examination office.

The regulations in detail

  • Examination forms can be replaced by alternative examination formats in compliance with the principle of competence-oriented examination. The students will be informed about the change of the examination form at the latest 14 days before the examination date.
  • Examination-relevant content of digital courses is made available in a timely manner throughout the semester and is available at least until the first examination opportunity.
  • The registration for a module examination or partial examination can be cancelled up to one week before the examination date, provided that no (partial) examinations have yet been taken. Withdrawal from an examination for health reasons must be reported to the responsible examination office immediately, i.e. usually within three working days, and a corresponding attestation must be submitted. This also applies to persons who are in quarantine or belong to one of the risk groups.
  • If an examination was taken in the summer semester 2020 and was not passed, an additional examination opportunity per subject is granted on application. The additional examination attempt must be applied for. The respective applicable hardship regulations remain unaffected. The hardship regulation applies to examinations of the winter semester 20/21 that have been definitively failed due to impairments caused by the pandemic.
  • Deadlines for taking module examinations and final theses stated in examination regulations are automatically extended by one semester. A further extension is possible upon application to the examination office.
  • Submission deadlines for final theses, term and seminar papers as well as other written work subject to deadlines may be extended by the competent office according to the examination regulations. The duration of the additional extension should not exceed the duration of the impairment.
  • Module dependencies and consecutions can be removed in order not to jeopardise successful completion of the study programme.
  • The registration for the final thesis can also take place if a given credit point limit is undercut by up to 15 credit points.
  • The minimum number of credit points required for application for admission to Master's programmes can also be undercut by up to 15 credit points.
  • The registration for the internship semester (teaching profession) can take place in the winter semester 20/21 with missing credit points under the proviso that the proof of the missing credit points is provided by the end of the semester. Further goodwill regulations regarding entry internship and admission requirements can be found here (German only).

One of the tasks of the examination offices is to provide counselling in special cases and cases of hardship, which is why counselling on Corona disadvantage compensation under examination law also takes place in the respective examination office. Information on faculty- and subject-specific goodwill regulations can be found on the websites of the examination offices. If you have any questions, the staff at the examination offices will be happy to help.

Adjustments to the long-term study fees (suspension and fee waiver) are regulated by the ThürCorPanG (law of the state Thuringia). More information can be found here.

Leave of absence

Section 17 of the matriculation reagulations (German only) also allows for a leave of absence due to verifiable pandemic-related reasons (e.g. childcare, care of close relatives, voluntary work, etc.). Important for student volunteers: The university supports your commitment. In principle, you can take a leave of absence from your studies under the category "pandemic-related special reason". In order to take a leave of absence, the Division 1 only needs the written agreement that has been made with the organisation, including details of the period, scope and type of activity. Simply submit the proof with the corresponding application to the Student Service Centre. If you are not sure which documents might be necessary, simply contact the Student Service Centre.

Please note that, as a rule, you are not permitted to take any course work or examinations during a leave of absence. Exceptions should be discussed in advance with Division 1, Student Service Centre.

Regulations for state examination and diploma degree programmes

Goodwill regulations for study programmes that are subject to the legal provisions of the federal government and the state training and examination regulations are communicated via the responsible examination offices. The Executive Board and Senate have no influence here.