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Letter From the President: 3-G Rules and Quick Tests on Campus

Dear students and lecturers,

The start of the lecture period is imminent and with it the return to more presence. I would like to remind you once again of the most important rules for safe attendance:

According to the regulation of the state of Thuringia, students and lecturers are only allowed to take part in face-to-face courses and examinations if they are either vaccinated, recovered or have tested negative. Compliance with the so-called 3-G regulation will be randomly checked by security staff. Teachers are also authorised to check the 3-G status. Please sign in via QRoniton at any time before entering your event to ensure contact tracking. Continue to follow hygiene rules: keep your distance whenever possible and wear a medical mask. Ventilate regularly and frequently where there is no mechanical ventilation, and use the federal Corona warning app.

Free rapid tests and Corona test centres on campus

Especially for those of you who have to provide a negative test, two test centres (self-test centre and test centre of the DRK) will be available in the Carl-Zeiß-Straße foyer from Monday, 18 October.

Self-testing centre

For all students and lecturers for whom the federal government no longer provides free citizenship tests, a supervised self-test is available from Monday to Friday between 7 am and 3 pm. In the self-test centre you will receive two free rapid tests per week from the university, which you can then take on site. In addition, you are free to carry out a test you have brought yourself under supervision. Please have your thoska card ready to identify yourself.

If the test result is negative, a certificate will be issued on site allowing the attendance of face-to-face lectures and examinations for 72 hours. The certificate is not valid outside the university (e.g. for a visit to the cinema or a restaurant).

If the test result is negative, you will receive a certificate on site which allows you to attend face-to-face courses and examinations for 72 hours. The certificate is not valid outside the university (e.g. for a visit to the cinema or a restaurant).

Ab November wird es möglich sein, allen Studierenden zwei kostenlose Selbsttests pro Woche im Selbsttestzentrum anzubieten.

Test centre of the DRK

From 18 October, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, from 7 am to 12 pm respectively, eligible persons can get professionally tested free of charge at the German Red Cross (DRK) Test Centre. The certificates issued there are also recognised outside the university. Outside these hours, the DRK offers further testing opportunities in the Goethe Galerie.

Please bring proof that you are eligible to test or your vaccination card and a passport.

  • Students who have been vaccinated with vaccines other than those specified by the Paul Ehrlich Institute
  • Students who have not yet reached the age of 18 at the time of testing
  • Pregnant persons at the time of testing

Beyond this date, testing is free of charge for individuals who cannot be vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus at the time of testing due to a medical contraindication or who could not be vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in the three months prior to testing due to a medical contraindication.

Students at the Faculty of Medicine

The following regulations apply to you: For courses in rooms and buildings with direct patient contact, only a negative PCR test (not older than 72 h) is permissible. For events in buildings without direct patient contact, a negative rapid antigen test (not older than 24 h) or a negative PCR test (not older than 72 h) must be available. Supervised self-tests are not possible.

Further information

What the consequences are of not having a 3-G certificate and further answers to the regulations at our university can be found in the university blog.

As a physician, I am convinced that only a high vaccination rate will get us through the coming winter without major outbreaks of infection. Therefore, my appeal to you: Please find out whether vaccination is an option for you. You can find helpful information and current vaccination offers on our website.

I wish you a good start into the lecture period of the winter semester!

Best wishes,

Prof. Dr Walter Rosenthal
President of the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena