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Women into Academia!

More than half – 55.7 % to be precise – of the students at Friedrich Schiller University Jena are women. In 2019, more women than men completed their studies at the University of Jena (58.4 %) and among doctorates, the proportion of women was 53.5 % in the same year ... Read More »Women into Academia!

Family gatherings as hotspot

Wo die Gefahr am größten ist, sich mit dem Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 zu infizieren und wie sich Studierende und Lehrende im Wintersemester am besten schützen – darüber sprechen im Interview Betriebsärztin Dr. Andrea Steiner und Infektionsmediziner… Read More »Family gatherings as hotspot

Viruses in nature: contagious, destructive, and yet still useful

During the corona pandemic, most people probably see viruses as dangerous pathogens. However, the tiny infectious particles play an important part in very different ecosystems and regulate global cycles. In this interview, bioinformatician Prof. Dr Manja Marz and chemist Prof. Dr Georg Pohnert shed light on the roles of viruses in nature. Read More »Viruses in nature: contagious, destructive, and yet still useful