“People Sharing Misinformation Generally Do Not Act in Bad Faith“

Whether in a Facebook post, in a chain letter, or in a YouTube video — there is a huge amount of fake information on the coronavirus circulating online, claiming that the virus is no more dangerous than the common flu or that home remedies like garlic protect you from an infection, for example. In our interview, Prof. Dr Tobias Rothmund, communication and media psychologist at the University of Jena explains why such myths are a problem and what you can do if your friends and relatives are among the ones sharing them. Read More »“People Sharing Misinformation Generally Do Not Act in Bad Faith“

“No Man is an Island”

In these times of the coronavirus crisis, ‘Social Distancing’ is called for: all people should refrain from shaking hands, maintain a safe distance of at least two metres from each other and stay at home if possible. But what consequences does this have for our life as a community? Read More »“No Man is an Island”

Risk Areas Expanded

As of March 21, the city of Jena expands the risk areas defined by the Robert Koch Institute and declares the following regions as COVID-19 risk areas: all states outside Germany as well as the federal states of Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg. Read More »Risk Areas Expanded