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"We Can Quit the Rat Race"

The accelerating society has shut itself down: Shops have closed, air and car traffic has been significantly reduced, companies and service providers have shut down their activities, and all within a few weeks. But after the Corona crisis, where do we go next? Read More »"We Can Quit the Rat Race"

“The Crisis Will Drag on for a Long Time“

Prof. Klaus Dörre is certain that the crisis situation will not be over once the corona crisis has been resolved. The professor of labour, industrial and economic sociology at the University of Jena anticipates that the world, including the world of work, will be a different one after the coronavirus. There will be many challenges to overcome which will require global change. Nothing about the corona crisis is good, he says, and he calls for clear language and action instead of empty phrases. Nevertheless, he also sees a few positive effects – and a great deal of work for the future. Read More »“The Crisis Will Drag on for a Long Time“